This seminar was organized by SMECorp (Terengganu) with objective to enhance export capability and increase the quantity of export ready SME companies in Terengganu. The invitation to the seminar was exclusive to companies with 3 Star rating and above. This Star rating was awarded using SCORE program evaluated by SMECorp.

During this 2 days seminar, participants were exposed on how to be export ready, the export rules and regulations, developing export plans and sourcing for export financing. Lead by coach Hasril Bin Nordin, various aspect of technicalities in exporting being discussed. Coach Hasril also shared his famous Business Model Canvas, which enable everyone to review and plan their strategy to export.

During experience sharing session, participants was given first hand sharing of the triumph and obstacles experienced by past exporters in penetrating foreign market.

By the end of the seminar, participant was expected to have clear objective and basic knowledge in preparing their companies to be an export ready SMEs.

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