Date: 8th July 2020

Venue: MECIP Kerteh Meeting Room (Level 1)

The main purpose of this meeting is to select Safety Committee Members for HSE committee 2020. The new committee are aiming for a simple activity this year since there’s not much that the company can do due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Given below is a list of activities:

  • Updating HSE and Quality Board and need to be updated every 15th each month.
  • 5S in the office conducted every 6 month per year.
  • Safety Talk monitored will be conducted once a month.
  • Smoking Habit Monitoring.
  • Energy Management.
  • Safe Driving.
  • Office Safety Equipment Tracking.
  • All Safety Procedure

The committee will also do a safety walkabout from time to time. Safety walk-arounds can help managers and owners asses how key elements of the safety program are working. Safety walkabout that will be conducted are as below:

  • To conduct safety walkabout at the smoking area.
  • To create awareness about hygiene care due to COVID-19
  • To conduct a campaign “licence renewal” to create awareness of every staff that their competency are in valid period to avoid any difficulties.
  • To conduct “First Aid” Training involving all MECIP’s staffs.

Last but not least, congrats and good luck to the new HSE Committee 2020. May they perform their very best and may they achieve their goals.