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Meeting for Front end Engineering Design (FEED) and Detailed Engineering Design (DED) for biodiesel B30 implementation St Klang Valley distribution terminal (KVDT)

Date: 29 June 2020
Venue: Shah Alam Office
Participant: MECIP & KVDT

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PDB B30 Project: Meeting Team Mecip (Kerteh) with GTS

Date: 2nd July 2020
Venue: Shah Alam Office

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides a consolidated flange register for PETRONAS, faster and more cost-effective, helping them to achieve operational readiness for their RAPID refinery and petrochemical plants.

In May 2019, DIGATEX and MECIP* were engaged by the PETRONAS  to identify and map flange connections from different 3D CAD models with the as-built isometrics, to provide a complete flange register to support plant operational readiness.

The project was successfully completed in December 2019, many times quicker and far more cost-effectively than could be achieved with conventional methods.

The size of the task was huge with over 500,000 isometric drawing sheets, more than 10 different packages and multiple EPC contractors’ data.  DIGATEX used their Artificial Intelligence Platform, DI-analytics to read the isometrics, identify the line topologies and flanges, pair the 3D CAD and as-built isometrics, map the flange joints unifying the numbering, extract the bolting and gasket data, thus producing a consolidated flange register for the new RAPID plants.

The results (many terabytes of data) were presented in the DIGATEX Knowledge Hub where PETRONAS could review the results and provide quality checking and teaching enhancements to the AI engine.

It was commented that “PETRONAS and DIGATEX/MECIP team worked as an integrated team as the AI approach evolved to solve many detailed issues and take on board new ideas, depending on variations in the source data”.

Richard Beck of DIGATEX added “This project was innovative in technology and contracting approach and we (and the AI engine) had to adapt and learn fast.  The technology proved itself as did the PETRONAS and DIGATEX/MECIP teams”.

If you would like further information on how our AI technology can transform your engineering and asset data, please contact:

Name Email address Phone
Richard Beck +61 431 619 604
Ir. Mahmood Azmy Muhammad Shukri +60 129 815 666

*MECIP are DIGATEX’s partner in Malaysia providing local leadership, management and engineering services in support of our customers.


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BED Non Black Condensate

To study the best option for clean condensate processing using Black Condensate Facilities carried out during Basic Engineering Design (BED).

Client: PPTSB

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Feasibility Study and Basic Engineering Design for OL 19008 TA2019 POEFM and SU Expediting Project – Scope C – Permanent Ethylene and Propylene Pressurizing Facilities

This project consists of four major scopes:

i. Scope A – The scope involves modification by installing permanent piping and pump facilities for ISO tanker loading and permanent new Heavy Oil Tank (estimated 1200m3 net capacity). Scope splitted into two scopes:
Scope A-1 – Basic Engineering Design of Pump System
Scope A-2 – Basic Engineering Design of New Tank System
ii. Scope B – Installation of permanent N2 purging facilities for light separation system
iii. Scope C – To install permanent ethylene and propylene pressurizing facilities
iv. Scope D – Installation of new pressure transmitter linked to DCS for monitoring

Client: PCDSB

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Detailed Engineering Design (DED) Work For Service Water Piping Replacement Phase 3 Project at MRCSB

Melaka Refining Company Sdn Bhd (MRCSB) intends to upgrade overall refinery Service Water Piping in phases to Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) piping and like-to-like replacement for the small bore carbon steel (CS) branches. This project will focus on services of water replacement phase 3.

Client: DIALOG

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DED for EPCC for Nitrogen Automation for Blender at Petronas Chemicals LDPE SDN BHD

To perform Detail Engineering Design (DED) work of Nitrogen Automation project at PC LDPE. This project will involves installation of below major items:
• 8 unit of 4” On-Off Valves
• 8 unit of 12” On-Off Valves

Client: PETLIN

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Provision Basic Engineering Design (BED) for PN340006: New Spare Horizontal Thermosyphon Reboiler for SWTU Train-1&2

To perform Corrosion Design Basis Memorandum (CDBM) and provide input to other disciplines for material selections of piping and equipment.

Client: MRCSB

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Basic Engineering Design (BED) for Black Condensate Facility

To perform Basic Engineering Design (BED) including the process simulation for the installation of Black Condensate Facility i.e. to prepare the unit readiness to process black condensate in order to meet all the product quality as per specification and also to optimize the heat integration at CFU unit.

Client: PPTSB

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Detailed Engineering Design (DED) of EPCC for PSR-1 New Desalter Project (PN 11-0063)

To install a new Electro-Dynamic Desalter (EDD) for PSR-1 Crude Distillation Unit (CDU-1) that can operate independently or in parallel with existing Desalter at MRCSB.

Client: DIALOG

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