Basic Engineering Design

Basic Engineering Design (BED) package refers to the bonded information that is required to perform the detail engineering design of the projects. BED package is normally required by the plant owner to produce & complete their Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning (EPCC) tender package. BED also can be used for further assessment by plant owner for internal discussion and evaluation to recognize the feasibility of the project.

MECIP have the key resources and talents in-house to bring the most practical solutions tailored to our client’s need. In addition to the multi-disciplined ‘one stop shop’ service, we are also able to offer specialist single discipline engineering and design services to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Our Basic Engineering Design Package generally contains the following:
1)    Process Flow Diagram (PFD) & Process Simulation Report
2)    Material Balance
3)    Process Calculation report – line sizing, equipment sizing, and etc
4)    Process Design Basis Report
5)    Equipment List & Process Equipment Data Sheet,
6)    Instrument Process Data Sheet
7)    Process Engineering Flow Scheme (PEFS)
8)    Line Schedule, Piping Process Data & Tie in List
9)    Operating Instruction/ Process Control Philosophy Report
10)   Process Safety Design e.g.: Hazardous Area Classification Report & Drawing,
        Fire Fighting Facilities
11)   Utility Design e.g.: Cooling Water, Compress Air System, Utility Water & Steam

1)    Mechanical / Equipment Technical Specifications
2)    Mechanical Design Basis
3)    Review Process Data & Type Selection
4)    Rating of Static Equipment e.g.: Heat Exchanger, Vessel

1)    Basic Plot Plan
2)    Engineering Specifications

Piping Specification

  • Painting Specification
  • Pipe Support Specification
  • Insulation Specification
  • Pipe Flexibility Specification
  • Pipe Marking Specification


1)    Engineering Specification
2)    Instrument Schedule
3)    Instrument Design Basis
4)    Planning of Control Room

1)    Engineering Specification
2)    Motor & Electrical Load Schedule
3)    Electrical Design Basis
4)    Single Line Diagram
5)    Electrical Equipment Schedule

Civil and Structural:
1)    Soil Investigation
2)    Engineering Specification


Practical Solution

``One Stop Shop``