Detail Engineering Design

Detail Engineering Design (DED) is the essential bridge between the basic engineering design and construction phase of a project in order to convert the ideas into reality.
DED involves close coordination and synchronization among various disciplines of engineering, all in house resources for interactive and progressive manner. With having the DED, is vital to the owner flexibility time to execute the project. In MECIP, we have a dedicated team of reliable and knowledgeable managers, engineers and designers who are able to provide the complete detail engineering design solution.
Computer aided design techniques are extensively used as design aids to help develop optimum layout & design to assure maximum construction, operational & maintenance convenience, and detailed construction drawings with bill of materials are extracted automatically from the system, ensuring highest degree of accuracy and error-free drawings.
We adhere to relevant standards, specifications, procedures and relevant authorities.
Our Detail Engineering Design Package generally contains the following:

1)    Process Flow Diagram (PFD) & Process Simulation Report
2)    Material Balance for Process & Utility
3)    Process Calculation report – line sizing, equipment sizing, and etc
4)    Process Design Basis
5)    Process Sketch/Basic Engineering Flow Scheme (PEFS)
6)    Equipment List & Process Equipment Data Sheet,
7)    Instrument Process Data Sheet
8)    Line Schedule, Piping Process Data & Tie in List
9)    Operating Instruction/ Process Control Philosophy Report
10)  Process Safety Design e.g.: Hazardous Area Classification Report & Drawing, Fire Fighting Facilities

1)    Strength Calculation
2)    Mechanical Engineering Drawings
3)    Calculation of Rotating Machinery
4)    Requisition
5)    Review & Check Vendor Drawing
6)    Identify & propose platform or attachment on equipment
7)    Loading Data
8)    Insulation & Painting Information

1)    Piping Routine Study
2)    Structure & Pipe Rack Information
3)    Piping Flexibility & Nozzle Orientation Analysis
4)    Pipe Support Information
5)    Piping General Arrangement & Isometric Drawing
6)    Piping Bill of Quantity
7)    Requisition of Piping Component & Piping Specialty

1)    Instrument Schedule
2)    Planning of Control Room
3)    Instrument Utility Requirement
4)    Layout of Instrument
5)    Control Basis & Interlock Diagram
6)    Instrument Cable & Duct Routing
7)    Panel Instrument Arrangement
8)    Instrument Piping Hook-Up & Loop-Up
9)    Wiring, Tubing & Utility Piping Layout
10)    Instrument Bill of Quantity
11)    Instrument Requisition
12)    Review & Check vendor Drawing

1)    Interlock Diagram
2)    Loading Data
3)    Planning of Switch Room
4)    Cable Routing
5)    Cable Duct or Trench Plan
6)    Communication System Design
7)    Lighting Plan
8)    Lightning Design
9)    Bill of Quantities
10)    Requisition
11)    Review & Check Vendor Drawing
12)    Calculation Report e.g.: Load Flow Analysis Fault Level Load Study / Schedule Calculation

Civil and Structural:
1)    Grade Leveling Plan
2)    Road, Paving & Planning Design
3)    Sewer, Planning & Design
4)    Piling Design
5)    Foundation Design
6)    Structure Design
7)    Building Design
8)    Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Plan & Design
9)    Bill of Quantities
10)    Civil Material Requisition

Software & Tools

Design Optimization