Information Management (IM)

MECIP is in partnership with Sharecat Solutions Limited to offer services in Information Management.

Sharecat is a family of web-based solutions used for supply chain coordination. The solutions combine to deliver an innovative collaborative environment which includes manufacturers’ equipment catalogues and technical information.

Sharecat provides the ability to share common vendor data across the full range of process and energy industry sectors. Project or Facility views cover both standard and project specific supply chain information linked to tags or assets.

Sharecat’s communication interfaces deliver efficiencies to all parties participating in the supply chain. This is done through a shared view of data and documents, using simple workflows which reflect established industry practices. Sharecat has been and is being deployed in some of the worlds largest offshore projects:

  • Åsgard B
  • Snorre B
  • Sakhalin II
  • Ormen Lange
  • Valhall Re-development and
  • Skarv


These projects, their partners, contractors and supply chain are spread all over the world. Sharecat’s use of internet technology enables these projects to work seamlessly from a single source of accurate and up to date information.

Sharecat, a North Sea company operates internationally from its established bases in Bergen, Stavanger, Aberdeen and London. Its resources are scaleable to deal with the smallest to largest requirements. Our position in the industry allows us to work and understand the needs and processes of operators, contractors, suppliers and manufacturers. This unique view ensures we are well experienced in all aspects of supply chain information delivery and its use in both projects and operations.

Our Main Expertise includes:

  1. Sharecat Spares Information Capture
  2. Sharecat Plant Information Improvement
  3. Sharecat Project Information Capture
  4. Sharecat Corporate Catalogue


Sharecat Spares Information Capture

  1. PO Recommended Spare parts Capture, Review and Approval
  2. OEM Part Number Validation
  3. Equipment identification to support complete asset life
  4. Spares Evaluation & Consolidation & Material Catalogue Codification


Sharecat Plant Information Improvement

  1. Materials Inventory audit and condition assessment
  2. Materials data analysis, de-duplication & rationalisation
  3. Data Cleansing, Validation and standard document access
  4. Material standardisation and codification
  5. Materials Asset linking for BOM creation


Sharecat Project Information Capture

  1. Collaborative workflows for info submission, review & approval
  2. Tag to Document and Equipment Linking
  3. Project Specific Data Validation against project rules
  4. Equipment information gathering and quality assurance
  5. Handover Assembly and Delivery


Sharecat Corporate Catalogue

  1. Manufacturers Equipment Catalogue access
  2. Functional Searching for matching equipment and equivalents
  3. Frame Agreement technical content delivery
  4. Standardisation deployment for tag linking in Projects and Operations


Visit Sharecat website for detail :