Local Authority Liasion

Compliance to the Malaysia Act and Regulation is a mandatory requirement for each project undertake in Malaysia to ensure the constructed facilities are safe to start up and legally operated.
We specialize in providing Consultation Services in getting approval from the local government authority which covers professional endorsement, design review, preparation for plan approval and submission of plan approval and obtain CCC if required for almost all projects.
MECIP has worked with many PETRONAS subsidiaries such as PGB, PASB, VCMSB, PEMSB, and OPTIMAL in local authority liaison work in obtaining necessary approval from relevant statutory bodies. There are 18 statutory bodies in Malaysia that usually need government approval. It comprises DOSH, BOMBA, District Council, Public Work Department (JKR), JBA, JBA, DOE, DCA, JPP, TNB, JBEG, TMB, SKMM, DOH, AELS, SIRIM, and Chemistry Dept.